RFID Smart Cards

RFID is a general term for radio frequency technology systems, and RFID cards are radio frequency cards. Radio frequency cards are chip cards with frequency induction, usually the cards contain IC or ID chips. The difference between IC card and ID card is that the chip contained in the card is different, which is difficult to distinguish from the appearance. The cards currently appearing in the market can be divided into low frequency cards (125K Hz), high frequency cards (13.56M Hz), and UHF cards (860-960M Hz) according to frequency. Most of the membership cards seen in life, such as bus cards, meal cards, and access control cards, are all RFID cards.

Different from the size of RFID cards, RFID cards can be divided into two types: standard cards (size: 85.5*54*0.76mm) and special-shaped cards. As long as it is not this standard size RFID card, it can be called a special-shaped card.